Oil and gas companies have highly specialized needs and an extensive risk profile. Alliant designed PetroSure to provide a comprehensive barrier of protection against these ever-changing risks. It is comprised of industry specialists who understand the volatile nature of the marketplace and the extensive risks faced by oil and gas companies throughout the world. By combining industry expertise and sophisticated market analysis, PetroSure delivers one of the industry’s most strategic and robust oil and gas insurance programs.

Eligible Classes

PetroSure has extensive experience providing oil and gas insurance to a broad array of companies, including:

Program Benefits

PetroSure’s specialized approach to the business enables us to offer highly effective oil and gas insurance solutions with considerable benefits, including:

  • Competitive rates
  • Umbrella limits to $10 million (including underground resources and equipment and broad form property damage – UGRE/BFPD)
  • Sudden and accidental pollution limits up to $10 million, including $100,000 of owned site sudden and accidental pollution cleanup coverage
  • Workers’ compensation monthly reporting option
  • Down-hole tool coverage (limit available upon request)
  • Human resources services group membership

Available Coverage

PetroSure was built to allow for flexibility and customization in delivering cost-effective oil and gas insurance programs that meet your clients’ needs. Specialty coverage available includes:

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